Does the Law of Attraction Prevent a Millionaire Mindset?

I hate The Secret. I’ve heard enough crap about the law of attraction to last me through five lifetimes.

Fact is,Guest Posting I think the positive thinking gurus are messing with your brain.

At a minimum, they are only giving you part of the picture.

And why not? You want to think positive thoughts, surround yourself with visions of life with millions of dollars, and “Poof” have it magically appear! Of course you want dubai duty free millionaire ticket to imagine your success, sit back, and watch the universe provide. Who wouldn’t?

Do nothing and get rich. Dream and become a millionaire. Sign me up!

Fairy tales have always been popular reading. But modern fairy tales gloss over the bad stuff. Read the originals, and find out the true story. “The Little Mermaid” did not marry her prince. She died and became sea foam.

Reality check, people!

Positive thinking theories sell books, and book sales line the pockets of the self-help gurus with lots of green. But positive mental attitude alone does not work for most of us.

You all know some guy or gal who seems to magically create something out of nothing. Everything goes right for him or her, and it’s all because of positive mental attitude, right?

Wrong! Things work for that person, because they have always worked for that person. They were the first ones picked for dodge ball in elementary school. They were the captains of the football teams in high school, and class valedictorian at graduation. Over the years, they have developed the resources and contacts to make things happen more quickly than the rest of us.